My 5 Timesaver Tips for a CAD Techie

My 5 Timesaver Tips for a CAD Techie

1. When you want to suppress the display of the boundary of a layout viewport, you should turn off the layer of the non-rectangular viewport instead of freeze it.  If the layer of a non-rectangular layout viewport is frozen. the viewport is not clipped correctly. AFTER USING "LAYFRZ" COMMAND, VIEWPORT RETURN TO RECTANGULAR SHAPE.


2. How to recover deleted file:
Folder -> Right Click then Properties -> previous Tab -> Select version of the folder that contains the file before it was deleted -> view -> View the folder and select the file that will be recovered -> Drag and drop, or cut and paste, the shadow copy to the desktop or folder on the end user’s local machine.

3. Can’t Purge $AUDIT-BAD-LAYER
Sometimes after you run the AUDIT command, you will see a layer in the Layer Manager called “$AUDIT-BAD-LAYER,” and even though you PURGE the layer, it seems to keep showing up.

Here’s how to get rid of it permanently:
3.1. Run the AUDIT command.
3.2. Run the PURGE command to get rid of the layer.
3.3. Now SAVE your drawing and exit out of it.
3.4. Reopen your drawing, and when you run the PURGE command, the bad layer will be gone
Source: AUGIWorld FEB 2017 Issue

ETRANSMIT command pulls together all files that the main DWG file depends on.  What if files are too many and you keep adding the file one by one?
See image below. Open the current folder you are working on. Select the files are ready for e-transmit. Then do DRAG AND DROP magic.


5.  Guide on how to change Xref filename which is already attached/overlay to a drawing without detaching and reattaching again.