Inside the Future Classroom

Imagine the comfort of your home, traffic jam and commute hatred, weather disturbance and any other reason. Or at a nearby community at your favorite coffee shop is sitting next on your laptop . Start reading or watching the lesson while absorbing your favorite coffee flavor. The future of virtual education in the classroom will reach beyond your fingers. You can attend a virtual class anytime, any day 24/7 wherever you are. It may be a mobile or an iPad where you can not skip classes. Transcript, workout files, library courses, exams and tests are online and prepared for you. A virtual course is ready for download and is waiting for it to finish. Your virtual professor may not be available but you can ask questions anytime about topics without lifting your hands.

The increase in tuition fees is not under your control, besides something called free education, free WiFi, or free internet in your community. But what is lacking in how much quality education is offered. University schools with high tuition where everyone cannot afford their quality of education. And some of them implement the online education trend. What prevents you from the future? Adapt or Die!

"The Internet is a tidal wave. It will wash over the computer industry and many others, drowning those who don't learn to swim in its waves." Bill Gates


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The Top 10 Best Things You Can Do In Revit

The Top 10 Best Things You Can Do In Revit

  1. Use a project file standard template for your projects. This template can be an RVT file with worksets or an RTE file without worksets.
  2. Any custom and repetitive element showing more than one view on your sheets should be a 2d or 3d family. These elements take ups less memory space than in place families and are easier to manipulate and store in your Revit library for future projects.
  3. Always utilize the 4 steps process of creating families. (a. Create reference planes b. Dimension assign parameters and flex. c. Create extrusion, align lock to reference planes, d. Assign materials, visibility options and flex parameters).
  4. Use titleblock sheet templates with parameters.
  5. Draw details with details components and filled/masking regions to minimize loose linework and easier revising or editing.
  6. Open and audit projects weekly.
  7. Keep project file size under 200mb for maximum sync to central speed, reduced network latency and better file performance.
  8. Prepare your cad dwg file before importing to Revit. Check for XREFs, if they are some; bind them to the drawing using the Insert option. “Run by Setlayer”, this command removes any color, linetype or lineweight overrides form objects. Don’t forget to purge the drawing file.
  9. Set your temporary dimensions to wall faces.
  10. Use running dimension to core faces for stud, CMU, concrete and structural references to layout your building.

Adapted and used with permission from John Garfield Carey


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