Revit Roadmap for Structures

2017 Split Columns Column base attachment to footings/foundations Structural foundation reporting parameters New parameters for slab documentation Steel Connections Generic connections Rebar modelling Reinforcement connectors Bent fabric reinforcement Constrained rebar placement Graphical rebar constraint editing Variable rebar distribution 2018 Rebar modelling Rebar placement in free-form concrete objects Improved varying rebar distribution Graphical rebar constraints in 3D views Rebar placement in imported concrete elements Steel Connection New steel connection types Steel connection for custom sections Specify the priority of elements in steel connections New precast content for beams, columns, and foundations 2019 Steel structures and connections 130 new standard steel connections Combine steel parts and standard connections to define a custom connection type.

Minecraft for BIM?

Have you played Minecraft or try to play it? Me. I got caught interested and wondered how a kid can build a beautiful house in Minecraft. It is just like a virtual Lego in a gamification platform. Don't get me wrong Lego is still different and it is the old school for the granddad. Yes, because nowadays Minecraft can do what it can, build from ground to top. You can build a skyscraper in just one sitting. Image Credits: JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial YT channel Although the essence of building a house in Minecraft is to build the quickest possible way. You can start either from top or bottom, it's up to you.  But in a real scenario, it is not like that if you are using BIM software. Make sense? Check out this BeIMCraft I got interested and kids can learn BIM from a young age. It is like having fun while learning. The game is called BeIMCraft, which is an acronym for Built Environment Information Modelling Craft . It is a modification of the existing Minecraft platform and build

Ikea Home Planner: My Review

As in the news, Ikea Philippines already embarking on the first batch of their product range. And the store will be opening in the third quarter of 2021, particularly in July. Got excited?  But before you plan to buy, be sure to list it down and planned it early. Here is what Home Planner can do for you. Although the platform setting is set to inches and prices are also in USD for their product ranges. I hope it is available also in the Philippines. For example, a brand from the US or an alternative brand that cater for your need for the room re-design. If you are an architect or interior designer, Ikea Home Planner may be easy for you to use and explore.  You can design and plan from kitchen, dining and your dream office. I was surprised what you add in the floor view such as types of furniture, lighting accessories, and it lists down all the total prices. Rotation and moving the 3d element might be it easy to adjust and locate it on your own.  You can change or add later the brand, c

BIM History Map

Interesting BIM development map ready to print! All developments from 1980 to the present! Good idea for a new poster on your wall or a gift for a BIM fan? Here's the Link how you can print this on a wall.

Revit Structure Q&A

Revit Structure Q&A What is Revit Structure? What are the advantages of using Revit Structure? What are the files used in Revit Structure? What is Bidirectional Associativity in Revit Structure?  1) What is Revit Structure? Revit Structure is a purpose-built software for building information modeling. Traditional drafting CAD software represent geometry of a design by using stylized symbols from designated illustrations. Some examples of these illustrations may be a series of plans, elevations, and sections. These illustrations are essentially independent of one another.  Building information modeling software represents as series of intelligent objects and elements such as walls, beams, schedules, and plan views. These objects and elements have parametric attributes. The information about these objects and elements is stored in a single building model. You can extract any number of different views of the data from the model. 2) What are the advantages of using Revit Struc

Practical Practices for Revit Structure Modeling

Minimize the use of Revit in-place families. Use preloaded families in the templates or your company project templates. Minimize reference planes or delete it after use. For consideration, careful deletion because some reference planes are used as work plane otherwise name or tag the reference plane. Maintain fewer and only essential links. Especially inserting CAD as an import symbol.  Link only in current view. This is to avoid CAD links to show up in all views. Work at Coarse detail level unless you are working with metallic structures. When modelling, use families rather than groups. (Using groups to efficiently update repetitive elements) Delete unused groups. And it can be done in Paragraph 9 using Purge command or directly from Project Browser. When using copy/monitor. Make it sure that the element is ticked on structural otherwise it is hidden in all view. Further reading see here: Purge model